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Mila Kunis to date coolest man ever

Fact: You will never be as cool as Scott Moore. He’s like a combination of that Old Spice Guy and the “Most Interesting Man in the World” from those Dos Equis commercials. But he’s better than them, because he is real.

Kunis, making patriotism sexy

Sergeant Scott Moore is my new hero. Like all of his fellow Marines, he was already deserving of our respect, gratitude and honor. Still, the man needed a date to the Marine Corps Ball. When he’s not risking his life to serve his country in Afghanistan, Sgt. Moore likes watching Mila Kunis onscreen because a) he’s a heterosexual male and b) he’s not blind. Hell, I watched Black Swan because she was in it and that damn movie is about ballet!

Sgt. Moore could have asked anyone to be his date to the ball. Being the coolest man ever, I’m sure he could have asked any girl he knows or walked into any random bar, find the hottest girl and invite her. But that’s not good enough for Moore, whose standards are as high as Lindsay Lohan at a party. So he posted a YouTube video asking Mila Kunis to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball. This would already be a great story, but it gets better.

She said yes.

Remember that the next time you’re worried the girl you like might reject you, you damn pansy. This guy asked out Mila Kunis and she said yes. Case closed. All future “she would never” excuses are null and void. Whatever this guy does for the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qala, Afghanistan, which is probably killing terrorists, it’s hard to top that. When he goes to the ball, he will have Kunis on his arm. She is sure to be the hottest date at the ball, and will definitely be the only one who totally understands the Darren Aronofsky script.

Aside from the feeling of pride for doing something important, there are few perks to Marine life. I was never a Marine, but my understanding is that it’s not too cushy. Add to that the constant danger of being stationed in Afghanistan, and you get a thankless job that most people wouldn’t want. Still, with Mila Kunis deciding to go with him to the ball, that should make the recruiters’ jobs a lot easier.

Kunis was convinced to accept the invitation by Justin Timberlake, her costar in Friends With Benefits. That’s the first good thing Timberlake has done for this world since leaving *NSYNC (and only because it caused the band to stop making music). “You need to do this for your country,” he told her. God bless America. God bless Scott Moore. Excuse every man in America while we live vicariously though Sgt. Moore.

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