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Kim Kardashian suing because someone looks like her

I’m glad I browsed USA Today this morning, because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t know that Kim Kardashian is suing over someone looking like her. Don’t worry. She’s not suing the woman; that would be silly. Kim is only suing the company for employing someone who looks like her.

Remember that Old Navy ad that aired during the Super Bowl? The one that featured a woman who looked just like Kim Kardashian? Well, even if you didn’t notice, Kim did and now she is suing, saying using someone who looks like her in their ad violates her publicity rights and may confuse consumers, since she actually endorses a lot of other products.

I know in the current American legal system, the term “frivolous lawsuit” almost seems redundant (but hey, it’s not like we need tort reform!), but this is ridiculous. This reminds me of the time that Lindsay Lohan sued because her name was mentioned in a commercial. No, not her full name; just “Lindsay.” What’s next, Paris Hilton suing France for infringement?

So Kim thinks it’s wrong for others to look like her. I disagree. I understand that looking like Kim Kardashian is Kim Kardashian’s only skill, but that doesn’t mean she should have a corner on the market. I think more people looking like her is a good thing, especially in a culture where eating disorders are rampant and Gisele Bundchen is somehow considered attractive. The beautiful and curvaceous brunette gracing the cover of magazines is a good antidote to basically everyone found on a fashion runway.

So looking like Kim is good; it’s acting like her that should be a crime. Women, feel free to emulate Kim’s appearance, from her physique to her style. But please don’t emulate her attitude or personality. She’s not exactly known for her intelligence or substance and we certainly don’t want more women acting like her.

I’m not even talking about the sex tape here. Recording their hilariously awkward fornication and letting the tape make its way onto everyone’s computer was certainly not a worse decision than sleeping with Ray J to begin with. Plus, you can certainly argue that the tape was a wise decision, because it turned her from a vapid, mindless daughter of a scumbag lawyer to a rich and famous celebrity.

The lawsuit says that a Kim look-alike harmed her because Kardashian “has invested substantial time, energy, finances and entrepreneurial effort in developing her considerable professional and commercial achievements and success, as well as in developing her popularity, fame, and prominence in the public eye.”

I’m not sure how much time and energy Kim has devoted to her celebrity. I don’t watch her show, but based on my observations, she spends most of her time being photographed going places, tweeting, and partying with other debutants. Before being known as the hot, rich girl who likes to slum by banging Ray J, Kim was mostly known as the hot girl who is sometimes photographed with Paris Hilton. Given that Kim’s only asset is that she is photogenic, I can understand her being upset that someone else who looks like her might someday steal her thunder. She could always adapt and learn a skill, some other reason for people to care about her. But this is America, so it’s easier to just sue.

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