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Insurer worried about Katy Perry’s boobs

July 16, 2012 3 comments

Katy shows off cupcakes

You love Katy Perry’s boobs, I love Katy Perry’s boobs, and Katy certainly loves them, but not everyone feels the same. There is one party that is less than enamored with the singer’s greatest assets: her insurer. Well, okay, there are actually two, if you count your girlfriend.

Ms. Perry’s insurer is worried that the bras she wears onstage pose potential health risks. You see, Katy Perry’s breasts are the biggest part of her act. Her boobs shoot whipped cream, shoot fireworks, sell 11 million records, sell magazines, and can even make Elmo scandalous. She’s like a mammary MacGyver. It seems that there is nothing Katy Perry’s boobs cannot do. Read more…

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Your boobs are really distracting

October 25, 2011 4 comments


For all of our sophistication, from sending manned spacecraft to the moon, to rebuilding a car engine, to operating the West Coast offense, men are still very simple creatures. You can put us in a suit, sit us at a desk and make us shave, but you can’t change the fact that most of the time we operate on primal instinct. Never is that more apparent than how easily some things distract us, no matter what we’re supposed to be doing or thinking.

Like sharks, we are attracted to shiny objects. Remember the movie Grease? Olivia Newton-John played a plain-Jane type of character who was having problems with her boyfriend and her self-esteem. How was it solved? By pulling on some shiny, skintight disco jeans at the end of the movie. Then she was suddenly irresistible to the then-cool-and-not-crazy-Scientologist John Travolta and was the hottest girl in the school. Every guy in the school dropped what they were doing, distracted by her, and stared at the new-look Olivia. Though it wasn’t shown in the movie, I’m pretty sure some poor students were killed by an out of control carnival ride because the carnie was watching Olivia instead of paying attention. Those kids are dead because of the shiny pants! I hope you’re happy, Frenchy! Read more…