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Rambling to you on my Saturday

September 22, 2012 17 comments

Today is Saturday, which means that no one is reading this post. That begs the question, if I write a post directed at you, the reader, and there is no reader, does the post exist at all? (Spoiler: The answer is yes, according to the WordPress “My Posts” page).

As I’ve said before, since I’m unemployed every day is like a Saturday, with the exception of Sunday, with all of the churchy, Sabbathy stuff. So how does Jeremy – the unemployed but gifted writer who is as charming and handsome as he is broke and alone – spend his Saturdays? you ask. Allow me to share.

I woke up early and took my puppy to the dog park. I could do this because I wasn’t hung over, having quit drinking three years ago. Unfortunately, Saturday morning is when every mom in the neighborhood brings their kids to run around aimlessly, kick at each other, flail on the ground, and then eat some cookies and go home. It’s an activity called “soccer.” I had to circle the lot looking for a parking spot while soccer moms threatened to murder anyone who pulled into the spot in front of them when clearly their blinker indicated that it was their spot. Read more…

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Stephen King Writing ‘Shining’ Sequel

September 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Throughout his career, novelist Stephen King has become known for taking decent ideas and drawing them out for so long that they crumble under the weight of their own bloated ambition. Plots meander and split into unneeded directions, subplots are thrown in with no purpose, and as his endless supply of disappointing denouements indicates, he doesn’t know how to end a story. One of the few of King’s novels that didn’t have any of those problems is The Shining, so of course he’s writing a sequel.

Writing a sequel to a 34-year-old novel is normally a sign than an author has finally run out of ideas. That’s clearly not the case for King, who actually ran out of ideas at least 20 years ago. Luckily, that didn’t stop King from continuing his prolific writing output, though. Read more…

NYT edtior: Let’s ban books

July 14, 2011 5 comments

An editor at the New York Times says he wants to ban books, and surprisingly he’s not just talking about conservative political books. In an article called “Let’s Ban Books, or at Least Stop Writing Them,” executive editor Bill Keller talks about the “death of books.” Someone stop the presses! According to the New York Times, print books aren’t selling as well as they used to! No wonder they call themselves the “newspaper of record.”

Since I spent a year as a political writer, I have a lot of experience rebutting New York Times articles. Correcting factual errors, exposing bias and revealing their bad reporting became sort of a hobby of mine. Here I am to do it again, but this time, it has nothing to do with politics.

In the article, Keller laments that so many of his journalists want to take time off to write a book. That causes logistical problems at the paper, but mostly, he doesn’t understand why they would do it. “Yes, he can write a book. But why would he want to? Why, in fact, would anyone want to?” Read more…

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