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Avengers Review

Surprisingly, The Avengers doesn’t suck. I know, I know. It’s made eleventy billion dollars in theaters so far, but James Cameron’s tree-hugging crapfest Avatar made a killing too, so that’s usually no indication of artistic merit. Admittedly, I knew almost nothing of the Avengers going into the movie, other than being disappointed that it didn’t feature Uma Thurman in a leather catsuit (wrong Avengers, it turns out). Instead we get Scarlett Johansson in a skintight catsuit, which is actually an upgrade (despite the lack of leather).

Hot Avenger in bad movie

Hot Avenger in good movie

Disney had been building up to The Avengers for years by introducing each character in their own god-awful movie. Given the standard formula that the more characters are in a superhero movie, the more it sucks, it was a bad omen to see 7 comic heroes on the movie poster. I was wrong to doubt Joss Whedon, though.

Whedon’s script is as devoted to character development and drama as to blowing things up. His trademark nuance made the film more than the sum of its parts. Sure, pretty much all of Manhattan is destroyed by a creepy alien race, but my favorite scenes are of Natasha Romanoff’s manipulation during reverse-interrogations and Tony Stark’s smarmy toying with Bruce Banner. Read more…


Wardrbobe Malfunctions in Comic Book Movies

August 8, 2011 2 comments

Recently a photo of Catwoman from the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises was leaked onto the Internet. As expected, it caused an uproar, because Comic book fans don’t like costumes to be messed with. Even though I’m not a comic geek, I usually side with them on this issue. I mean, what’s the point of adapting material and not staying true to the source? Sure, you can say, it’s just a costume. What does it matter what they wear?

It does matter, though, because the costumes are iconic. Let’s stray outside of comics for perspective. What if they made a new Indiana Jones movie where Indy didn’t wear a leather jacket and fedora? People would be screaming bloody murder and I would be one of them. What if in the new James Bond movie, 007 walked around in shorts and a T-shirt? Sure, it’s just clothes, but it’s not Bond without the dapper tuxes and suits.

That brings us back to Catwoman. When I think of the character, I think of a woman in a sleek and sexy catsuit. As I understand it, the suit can be either black, purple or gray. Some sort of mask, hood or ears should be used to give a feline impression, but the important thing is that she is jaw-droppingly hot. The character doesn’t really have much to offer other than her smoldering sexuality, so if the sight of Catwoman slinking into a room doesn’t make Bruce Wayne pitch a Bat Tent, they’re doing something wrong. Read more…