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Paying to get hot and sweaty with strangers

June 27, 2011 2 comments

imageLast year I decided to join a gym. Previously I had put it off because I was against the idea of paying money to do something I hate. Eventually, though, it occurred to me that munching on M&M’s while sitting on a computer all day at work may not be a healthy lifestyle. A change was needed, and since my boss rejected my idea of letting us work while running on treadmills, I decided to join a gym.

Inside the walls of a gym is a civilization completely unlike any other on Earth, except maybe the ancient Roman Empire or Dov Charney’s house. In the gym, men don’t allow themselves to wear sleeves for the simple fact that our arms look damn good when lifting weights. That’s also why there is a long mirror covering most of the gym floor. I’ll never look better and healthier than when I am summoning all of my might against evil weights that are conspiring with gravity against me, so why not enjoy the mirror view and pretend that I always look that good? Some men take it too far, though, flexing for the mirror after each rep. I even saw a guy blow himself a kiss in the mirror once. Read more…

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