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This blog is mostly lies

July 5, 2011 3 comments

NASA denies space mice

Though few will admit it, people enjoy lies. Deception has many purposes, but the most innocuous, and possibly the most celebrated, is its use as a motivator. Lies are unparalleled in their ability to get things done, to get people onboard with your plan and motivated to do something. Would Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have risked their lives in the Apollo 11 mission if they hadn’t been told that the moon was made of cheese? Probably not, and it’s pretty telling that we haven’t sent men back to the moon once we learned that it was just rock.

Following is an excerpt of a transcript of communications during the Apollo 11 mission:

NASA Tower: Just rock? Are you sure it’s not cheese? Maybe Gouda or Limburger?
Armstrong: Negative, Houston. It’s definitely rock.
NASA: Well, hell, we have rock here. Alright, come on back. Are you sure it’s not Gruyere?
Armstrong: Affirmative. Definitely not Gruyere.
NASA: Okay, the mission is over. Come on back home.
Armstrong: What do you want us to do with the space mice? The ones we brought to test whether the moon cheese was edible.
NASA: I don’t know anything about space mice, and neither do you. Do I make myself clear? Read more…