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NYT edtior: Let’s ban books

July 14, 2011 5 comments

An editor at the New York Times says he wants to ban books, and surprisingly he’s not just talking about conservative political books. In an article called “Let’s Ban Books, or at Least Stop Writing Them,” executive editor Bill Keller talks about the “death of books.” Someone stop the presses! According to the New York Times, print books aren’t selling as well as they used to! No wonder they call themselves the “newspaper of record.”

Since I spent a year as a political writer, I have a lot of experience rebutting New York Times articles. Correcting factual errors, exposing bias and revealing their bad reporting became sort of a hobby of mine. Here I am to do it again, but this time, it has nothing to do with politics.

In the article, Keller laments that so many of his journalists want to take time off to write a book. That causes logistical problems at the paper, but mostly, he doesn’t understand why they would do it. “Yes, he can write a book. But why would he want to? Why, in fact, would anyone want to?” Read more…

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