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How to survive going to a baseball game

July 13, 2011 3 comments

Beware of flying bats

A friend of mine is going to a Rays baseball game this weekend (though she’ll be rooting for the evil Red Sox). As far as I know, it will be her first time at a Major League Baseball game, so I wanted to caution her against the dangers of attending a baseball game.

Being at a baseball game can be dangerous, and not just because some Phillies fan might vomit on you as punishment for rooting against his team. There are a lot of things to consider to protect your life and property.

For starters, if you are parking and some guy offers to “watch your car” or “wash your windshield” or anything like that for a few bucks, pay him. I don’t care if he wants $5 to write “Yankees suck” on the dirty windshield with his penis, pay him. You are at his mercy. Once you park, you will leave your car and spend a few hours in a stadium where the car is out of sight. That gives him plenty of time to key your car or steal something from inside it. Don’t make him mad. Read more…