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Song of the Day: The Antlers & White Denim

A few times per week, I am going to share a song with you. It will usually be a song that is somewhat under the radar that you might not know. Whether obscure or popular, though, it will be a song that speaks to me or simply one that I’m listening to a lot at the moment and can’t get out of my head. Since this is the first Song of the Day post, it is a special double edition.

The Antlers — “Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out”

The Antlers are a talented indie rock band from Brooklyn. Their fourth album, Burst Apart, it full of catch rock tracks. This featured song gets stuck in my head for hours after I hear it. Luckily, it’s a great song. Remember that creepy dream you have a lot where your teeth fall out? Well, the Antlers turned that creepy dream into a great song.

White Denim — “Street Joy”

This Texas band recently released their fourth album, D. The critically acclaimed band combines psychedelia, blues and jam band improvisation into one excellent mix. “Street Joy” is the song that introduced me to this talented band.